Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shoshone Falls

After going to the ice caves and the Twin Falls temple, we headed out to Shoshone Falls. I had never heard of these falls before but they are called "the Niagara Falls of the West" and I have to agree with them. Niagara Falls are wider, but these are taller and very spectacular. At $3 a car, this is such a bargain. What I love about the park is that they have several different viewing areas of the falls that provides unique views.

This was our first view of the falls

The amazing rushing water over the falls

The second view point had a cement walkway extending off the cliff to provide this great view, you can even see a little rainbow in the right corner.

Me and my beautiful mother-in-law Lynne

William and me in front of the falls

The falls run down into the gorge and it is very beautiful in its own right

I love the mist from the falls

My father-in-law saw another walkway further up the hill but it looked pretty far away and had some steep stairs to it. It was quite hot and I was hesitant about doing the hike as I thought that the view probably wouldn't look all that different, but I conceded and was especially glad that I did. It was even more amazing than the previous views. Sometimes if is definitely worth the extra physical effort to get there.

I finally have a picture of me with a rainbow

Me with my amazing father and mother-in-law- I truly am so lucky to be a part of their family

And we even saw a double rainbow

William took most of these photos- he took so many great ones that I had to include many of them.


CS said...

oh my goodness this looks gorgeous!

Alan said...

They don't know what mountains or waterfalls mean here on the east coast.