Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gator Farm

After the river cruise, we headed back to the hotel in the Kunz caravan of cars. All of the sudden, Uncle Ian's car rapidly turns off the road onto a smaller dirt road. We followed and asked if they had gotten lost but it turns out that they were showing us the local alligator farm. You can see the eyes of the gator sticking out of the picture on the left and then a full gator lying in the water on the right side of the water in the photo on the right (its kind of hard to see along the plant line).

I didn't spend too long looking at the gators because of the worst smell ever- it honestly smelled like death. Not too surprising for alligators but definitely not pleasant for humans. William and I went to a crocodile farm in Australia which had thousands of crocs but they did not smell like that. I'm impressed that the owners were able to handle it.

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