Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shoshone Indian Ice Caves

On the morning of the Fourth of July, as part of the Kunz family reunion, we went to the Shoshone Indian Ice Caves, about 45 minutes away from Twin Falls. This paper mache dinosaur and Indian were outside of the entrance to the caves. I have no idea why they included this at the caves.

They also had this museum where they had a few displays of some rocks, fossils, antlers, etc- but pretty sparse and eh, ok.

So. overall, I wasn't really a fan of the caves because we had the worst tour guide of all time. He only said the very bare minimum about that caves- that they were formed from lava tubes and that ice extends anywhere from 6 to 18 feet in depth. I love this picture of William in front of the lava tubes.

But that was it. It would have been much better had we had some kind of infomation about it. They had these walkways throughout the caves over the ice-here's William walking on one.

I had thought that there would only be little patches of ice but there were entire sheets- pretty amazing.

And they even had some more glacial ice

But most of the ice melts and reforms- this was actually really neat to see in person but the photo doesn't capture it. The coins are at very different levels in the ice due to the melting and remelting.

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