Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 15: Fanfic

Confession: I had NO IDEA what "fanfic" meant. But, being the researcher that I am, I visited a few websites and I *think* I understand what it means. But, I realize that I don't really read or write any fan fiction. So my example is more of a spin off than fan fiction. But I am very happy that the producers decided to take a small segment and make it into its own show.

My favorite spinoff is actually a tv show that spun off of a larger tv show: The Simpsons. The Simpsons was initially just a short clip that appeared on the Tracy Ullman Show back decades ago and people thought that it was so funny that they have made a entire empire out of it. I love the social commentaries and humor of daily life. When the show initially came on, my parents wouldn't let us watch it because they didn't want us to think that this is how families are "supposed" to be. This fortunately changed as we got older and now some of our favorite lines have come from this show- "geriatric profanity disorder," "craptacular," sleep- that's where I'm a viking!," and "I want to graduate from bovine university". If you are a fan of the show, a few of these quotes are from Ralph, my personal favorite for classic lines.

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