Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 3: My Favorite TV Program

Hmmm- this is a tough one for me. Of all time, I would have to say that my favorite show is Murder, She Wrote. I LOVE this show and still try to find it on tv and dvd, although it is super expensive (like $45) for one season and I just think that is way too pricey so I only have Season 1, which cost me $15. My dream came true a few years ago when I went to NYC and saw Angela Lansbury in the play "Deuce" and was then able to get her autograph and tell her just how much I loved her in Murder, She Wrote.

Right now, kind of embarrassingly, there are several tv shows that are my favorites. Psych and NCIS are definitely the top along with Burn Notice, White Collar, and Castle (USA Network really has some excellent shows!) I also like Project Runway, Top Chef, CSIs, HGTV Color Splash, Dancing with the Stars, and So You Think You Can Dance. Yeah, I became a fan of online tv when I in between finishing my dissertation and starting my research job.


Mary said...

I really enjoy a lot of the USA network shows too!

Debbie said...

I LOVE Castle!!! Two thumbs way up. :)