Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 27: This Month, in Great Detail

Many of the events I have already blogged about so most of this will just be a summary of the highlights.

- I finished my first month teaching Principles of Sociology at Santa Clara University and I am LOVING it
- Finished a draft of the research project I have been working on since November
- Watched all 5 sessions of General Conference (I particularly loved the talks from the Priesthood session, especially the talk on "Patience"- a virtue I need to develop.
- Eaten several bags of Cadbury Mini-Eggs by myself (I still have a bag and a half left- I went crazy when I found some at my local Safeway when they were on sale after Easter)
- Had Easter dinner at my friend's new home- organized an egg hunt for the two little girls. It was SO FUN because they got so excited every time they would find an egg- squealing, pointing, and running.
- Went to Icing on the Cake and had a Cookie Dough Cupcake (the frosting and cookie dough in it was amazing- but the cake itself was gross) and a Peanut Butter Caramallow
- Visited with Lianne, Adam and kids before they left
- Bought Picture Frames from Michaels
- I have been listening to "On the Road" and "Portrait of Lady"
- Got rid of some of my old clothes and sociology journals that were taking up space.
- Saw "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D
- Got the 4 course meal for 2 at P.F. Chang's
- Bought a new swimsuit
- Started wearing sandals, and I already have a blister
- Watched several episodes of "Color Splash" with David Bromstead- he is SUCH an artistic design genius. I am so fascinated by everything that he does and I am on the lookout for him now since he is in the Bay Area
- Attended a birthday party at a park
- Had a job interview and got the job as a part time research assistant at Palo Alto Medical Foundation (still being finalized)
- Watched several shows of Masterpiece Theater online including "Diary of Anne Frank"
- Read my scriptures everyday

And the other things I have outlined in my month blogging :-)


candace said...

seriously cheryl, how do you do it all?! you're freakin' amazing!

so what type of research does the pamf job entail?

and how do you always find the crazy restaurant deals?

Alecia said...

Life is on the move for you! So happy for all of the "happenings!"