Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 2: My Favorite Movie

I would definitely have to say that my favorite movie of all time is Ben Hur. I saw this movie when I was in junior high and it completely changed my life. It is such an amazing movie about a man, Ben Hur, whose life parallels that of Jesus Christ. There is action, adventure (the chariot race), romance, friendship, and the ultimate act of love. I particularly love that you never see the face of Jesus, but you just know it is him- you can feel his presence even without seeing him. The scenes with the exchanging of the cups of water bring tears to my eyes even thinking about it now. It is a long movie (like 3 1/2 hours) but so worth it.

Some of my other favorites growing up was definitely Goonies- I have watched that movie so many times that I have most of it memorized ("You want a tremor, I'll show you a tremor!") I also was obsessed with Newsies- my friend McKel and I saw it in the dollar movie theater like 10 times. And then we became members of the Newsies fan club too- I can still know all of the words to the songs ("Suddenly, I'm the King of New York!") and I even made up a song about how I was "The Queen of Salt Lake." In terms of movies recently that I have loved, I really can't think of any that truly stand out that are favorites. I've seen many that I liked and are ok- but none that are really on the same level as the others.


Debbie said...

My top five (in no particular order), because I know you are just DYING to know: Rudy, Persuasion, While You Were Sleeping, Dear Frankie, and The Ultimate Gift. I am sure that your life feels complete now that you know. ;) Also, I have never watched Ben Hur. I just might have to now.

Brekke said...

Ah, Newsies! Such fond memories. I sing Newsie songs in the shower. It's the only thing that can get silly kid songs out.

The Richardsons said...

NOOOO WAAAAY! You are the first person I have met who has the same favorite movie as me! I actually just put a note about it in my last blog post, cause I always watch it the week before Easter. I love that movie, it always makes me cry.