Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 16: A Song that Makes You Cry (or Nearly)

I am a very emotional person. As William likes to point out, he keeps track of movies that I DON'T cry in. Thus, there are equally as many songs that I get emotional with. I already mentioned that my favorite song makes me cry sometimes so I will choose another one from the archive.

My first year living in Boston, I was watching a concert on PBS of Josh Groban. I had not heard of him before viewing this show and it made me a huge fan. I remember him singing the song "To Where You Are" and just bawling. Primarily because it talks about how we can still feel the influence of your "forever love" who has passed on, showing that the bonds of love continue for eternity and that we can feel the others when we left. Josh sings the song with his amazing voice with such emotion-only enhancing the lyrics. I admit I even teared up again while listening to it. I have seen Josh Groban several times in concert and it is even better in person.

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