Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The National Museum of Western Art

After the Tokyo National Museum, I headed over to the National Museum of Western Art. William thought that it was funny that I came all the way to Japan to see western style paintings but they really do have an amazing collection. I told him its like the British Museum or the Louvre that has treasures from all around the world. And I took the time to learn about and view plenty of Japanese art throughout the rest of the trip so I feel fine about my visits.

Outside of the museum, they have a copy of Rodin's Gates of Hell. Inside, they had a great collection of paintings by Delacroix, a Millet, a Turner, several Monets- "The Sea , several Degas- "Woman Combing Her Hair", several Cezannes- "Pot and Soup Tureen," "On the Boat," and the "Eternal Feminine," Gaugains, a Matisse, and a Picasso. What I LOVE about the art museums in Japan is that they make gallery guides that have a list of the all of the works presented, along with the titles of the work and artists. I totally think that all museums should do this- I love being able to look up the pieces afterwards.

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The Richardsons said...

I am sitting here eating my lunch and reading your blog, and drooling, not over the food, but that appetizing list of artwork you got to see in person! Ugh! I would LOVE to have seen those!