Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Creche

Last night, for family home evening (or family evening out), we went to the annual Christmas Creche in Palo Alto. This is an annual tradition that had been going on for 21 years. We went last year and it was great, and this year was no exception. They turn the whole chapel into displays of nativity scenes. They also add special lighting, risers, and decorations to modify the situation. I had not realized that most of the exhibit is rotated every year. One of our favorites was actually made by a boy in our Sunday School class. He made this giant Lego statue of Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus with his father. It was amazing- we are excited to ask him how they constructed it. Our other favorite room contained the glass and pewter Nativities- we actually really wanted one of the crystal ones with its clean, sleek lines. They had a nativity on the head of a pin, a white chocolate nativity (William really wants that one as well), and these ones from Poland made out of tin foil (I was impressed that you could make something so intricate out of tin foil. Another one of my favorites was the one by the Eskimos with little whales around the baby Jesus. There were nativities made out of gourds, stained glass, and even paper. Many thanks to all of those volunteers who put this together.

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