Monday, December 8, 2008


Since the Celine concert was CANCELED, we instead went to New Kids on the block. As long awaited, here finally is my post about the New Kids on the Block concert. This was the first boy band that I was crazy about. We had several of their music videos and used to watch them a lot- I think I even had some of their "trading cards". I never really had a "favorite"- I bounced around from Jordan, Jonathon, and Joey since several of my other friends had already "claimed" them. Before the performance, they had a screen where you could text messages to NKOTB and it would appear for everyone to see. It was hilarious to see about how so many women were still crazy about them.

But the whole audience was not thrilled to be there- this cracked me up to see these two guys just miserable while everyone else was up dancing and having a great time.
They did all of their same old school moves- and had some classic outfits to go along with it. It was high on the cheese factor, but I have to give them credit because it would have not been the same had they done "new", more current moves. I'm not a fan of their new stuff at all- it sounds like their old ones, and none of these new ones really stood out to me.
I had forgotten just how high Jordan's voice is- it totally made me smile. I also died laughing when they came out with all white outfits on- as pictured here.
But the one taking the cake- was Jordan coming out and doing a solo and ripping open his white shirt, which then kept blowing in the wind.
They also joined in the crowd on a moving turntable

Despite some of my cynicism, I admit that I LOVED hearing a few of my favorites- "The Right Stuff," "Step by Step", and "Hanging Tough". All of the excitement that I felt as a pre-teen came flooding back to me and I was thrilled to be there. It was particularly great during Hanging Tough when they all came out in Celtics jerseys and showed the great logos of all the great Boston sports teams :-)

All in all, I'm glad that I went to fulfill that childhood dream of mine, but I'm glad that it was only 20 bucks. I definitely still would have gone to Celine instead, but it worked as a substitute. But my previous love/obsession for NKOTB has not been rekindled but I do like a few of their songs.

The Right Stuff, Step by Step, Hanging Tough

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Ira and Claudia said...

wow NKOTB. I remember those old days. I think I was in love with Joey or Donny. That was hilarious that those two guys were miserable. Anyway I need your email address bc our blog is going private. I hope you get to see Celine Dion.