Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

William and I spent Thanksgiving Day this year with my family and extended family. My beloved grandmother used to make the entire Thanksgiving dinner every year, until she broke her wrist and was no longer able to do it all. We tried doing it pot luck style, but it just wasn't the same and not what she wanted. For the past two years, she had wanted Thanksgiving to be at the Marriott and William and I were happy to join her there. Here is one table with the family
The other table- pretty much with the little kids
We sat next to my two cousins, Amy and Laura, who are hilarious- can't you tell from his picture :-) We all love to laugh
The buffet was incredible- prime rib, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, shrimp, crab legs, chicken, pasta, salads, and TWO big dessert tables. My personal favorite were the turkey sugar cookies- I had 3 of them. We also had some yummy chocolate cake (shared with William) and some carrot cake.

My aunt Cheryl made a special plate of everything for the guest of honor- my grandmother- with every dessert she could ever want. We called it the "diabetic dessert plate"
And who needs to waste time with utensils- hands are a better method
And the best part of the meal was zero clean up! Cynthia was super happy because they had the dog show on so she kept oohing and ahhing.

What we are most thankful for is this woman- my dear grandmother- for taking such amazing care of her family. We are so grateful for you!

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