Friday, December 5, 2008

A New Find for Amazing Bread

I LOVE bread. I always have. I actually judge the quality of a restaurant by how good their bread is. Olive Garden has been dethroned by Pat and Oscars. My sister Cynthia introduced Sarah and I to it for dinner when we were down in San Diego and I have been craving it ever since. Honestly, I think they are the BEST breadsticks I have EVER had. You receive a free hot one while you are waiting to order, and we actually ended up getting a meal for two and got a big basket of them (probably about 10). I ate most of them because they were so good and couldn't let them go to waste. The rest of their food is ok- good, but nothing super special like the bread sticks. Sadly, they are only a Southern California thing :-( I guess that I will just need to make some more trips down there to satisfy my craving.

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CS said...

i have to admit i've never gotten beyond my partiality to bertucci's rolls. love 'em!