Saturday, December 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad's birthday is today and I just wanted to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We are so lucky to have such a great dad like you.

We celebrated my dad's birthday the night before Thanksgiving, since the whole family was in Utah. We went to Olive Garden where there was ZERO wait (what a rarity) and he had all of his favorites- bruschetta, chicken marsala, and alfredo dipping sauce. We even had the staff sing to him- here is the group singing to him and he actually has a smile on his face in a photo (its something of a rarity)
He was so excited about his gift- the "Ti Bo"- more commonly known as TIVO. However, we have a slight problem in that our phone line is problematic and the Internet is only upstairs. Thus, we still need to buy a wireless router and a usb connector before it will work.
And my family must have William, our technology guru, set it up so it will have to wait for two weeks until we are back in Utah.

My mom said that my dad has continued to cope without the Tivo, watching his football games live, and he also has a Dairy Queen ice cream cake to tide him over. Love you Dad!

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