Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sarah Brightman Live

I've always wanted to hear the amazing vocalist Sarah Brightman in person, and we were able to do that last night. We were on the very back row- but it wasn't that far from the top. The curtained off the unfilled rows- William was very happy when they moved the curtain back one more row so that it wasn't continually hitting our heads. The concert was incredible- her voice is even more AMAZING in person. The opening number was very spectacular- it was her song Fleurs du Mal. She has these very talented dancers who had these beautiful flowy dresses. It was one of my favorite numbers of the night. Sarah is the one in the middle.

The dancers had several numbers- we particularly liked this one with the Asian style parasols.
The back drop was really amazing- it was translucent glass- and so when it was reflected, it looked like it was in 3D- like these trees.
The 3D effect was even better with the synchronized "swimming" around Sarah- it was cool that we were up high and able to determine how much the magic happened.
Twice confetti fell during her songs- the first time while she was on the swing with the super long train
And then for the finale of "Say Goodbye"- how appropriate
Sarah also did several duets with some very talented tenors. However, one of them did NOT have a great voice for doing belt. She sang "Phantom of the Opera" from my favorite musical of all time. It literally was a dream come true for me to hear her sing it- her voice was so angelic and amazing. The only sad part was the the "phantom" had a terrible voice- it was grating as compared to her. It really pained me to hear him sing it with her.

All in all, William and I both really loved the concert. Her voice, the staging, and the entire performance was just incredible.

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jkmilligan said...

I am so jealous! I would love to hear her live!