Monday, December 8, 2008

Visit with Dear Friends

It has been about two weeks but I wanted to write about visiting with some of my old friends from BYU, Lianne and Adam. Lianne and I were roomies for several years and I was roomies with her when her romance with Adam started. They lived here in the Bay area for several years adn luckily, our time together overlapped. It was nearly a year ago that they moved to Florida- to a beautiful house- and they even had a little baby boy in that time. I was so thrilled that they were back in the San Jose area for Thanksgiving and so we met up for lunch at Pasta Pomodoro at Santana Row. They had introduced William and I to this great place and it was even better to try it with them. We had amazing food- from the bruschetta, caesar salad, butternut squash ravioli, and two other kinds of pasta. And the great bread and pesto dipping sauce. Their two kids, Clara and Ian, were with us and were SO WELL BEHAVED. It was a longer lunch, but they were both super good. I have discovered the MIRACLE for entertaining children. The I phone. After about 30 minutes, Clara was getting bored and so Adam pulled out his I phone and she started watching the Tinkerbell movie and was content and enthralled for the rest of our lunch. She even knew how to fast forward and rewind. What a great thing to have on hand not just for your own use, but also for your children. I had a lot of fun playing with Clara and her 3D Disney castle and paper dolls of the Princesses and their Prince. I went on a trip down memory lane trying to think of all of the different songs from the movie so that I could sing them while we had each couple do their dance at the end of the shows. It was so much fun seeing them and I will try to come on their turf next time :-)

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Lianne Barr said...

We really enjoyed the visit with you too Cher! Thank you so much for the presents you got the kids. And that castle, what a hit! It is now up here in Florida too. Can't wait til the next visit!