Sunday, December 21, 2008

PTC The Light in the Piazza

Yesterday, we went with my sisters up to Pioneer Theater Company at the University of Utah to see the musical "The Light in the Piazza." It was on Broadway several years ago, and being the big musical theater buffs in my family, we wanted to see this rendition. We had center seats about 5 miles up and they were great. The setting and staging for this production was amazing- they had sets looking like piazza's in Italy, the Uziffi Gallery, and even a chapel. The musical occurs primarily in Florence (and some in Rome) about a mother and a girl who take a vacation and the daughter ends up meeting a handsome young Italian man and of course, a romance ensues. However, it wasn't your typical musical but had a unique modern twist to the story line- I don't want to tell you because it would spoil it. Since it is a modern musical, the songs had more of allowing quality to it- kind of like an opera. There weren't any to super memorable songs (well, there was one that we mocked about "write your thoughts in my hand"- implying that the language barrier could be over come. The BEST parts of it were actually sung in Italian- they all did such a great job acting and conveying their frustrations and emotions. I actually wish that the whole play had been in Italian- I think it would have been better. I didn't really like the female leads- they had these exaggerated Southern accents that were a little over the top. Overall, the play was pretty good- enjoyable, but definitely not the best musical we've ever seen. I guess that we are just more fans of the traditional musical storm.

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