Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rest of Thanksgiving Weekend

I know that I have been really SLOW at finishing up Thanksgiving posts- but better late than never. After the movie, we headed down to Provo and spent most of the remaining weekend with William's family. We stayed at William's parents house in Provo, along with Chris, Karen, and Charles. We went shopping on Black Friday to the Provo Towne Center Mall and were SHOCKED at just how not crowded it was. It seemed just like a typical Saturday type crowds, except in Bath and Body Works, which was PACKED. I decided it wasn't worth the wait. We were able to get most of our Christmas shopping done- which was nice, to have most of it done.

We then drove out to Payson to see the home that Chris and Karen are building. Yes, they are building the ENTIRE thing- with the help of some other folks in their neighborhood. Isn't it great-
They have an orchard behind their house where we witnessed a beautiful sunset.
We then headed to dinner at Macaroni Grill where we had a three course feast- it was super good, I was so stuffed by the time we finished.

On Saturday morning, we got to watch baby Charles for a little while. He is so cute- if you don't mind drool :-)
We then went to a movie and later to the temple. We had such a fun time being with William's family and are THRILLED that his parents are FINALLY back in the U.S. And we will be able to see them again in just a few short weeks!!! Corey and Bekky- WE MISSED YOU!!!!! And we are thinking about you

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Bekky said...

Charlie has gotten soo BIG! Thanks for missing us, we wish you and William could come visit us sometime, or maybe we should come to you in sunny CA!