Monday, December 22, 2008

Utah Eats over the Holidays

There are several places that we MUST go to while we are in Utah because they are just SO good.
- Rich's Bagels: it is a local bagel place right by my house and they have the BEST bagels I have EVER eaten. I discovered them in high school but haven't had them in years and it was even better than I remembered. The asiago cheese bagels are the best, but I also love the cinnamon sugar and cranberry.
- China Grill: this is another place right near my house that has the best Chinese food. I've even gotten William hooked on it so that he asks if we can have it. They have the best pot stickers and sesame chicken.
- Cafe Rio: I cannot rave enough about this place- their food is so good that it is addictive. My personal favorite is the veggie salad with pinto beans and half/half dressing. And then a key lime pie for dessert. My BFF Leslie's husband does accounting work for them and I am truly so jealous of how often they get to enjoy that deliciousness.
- Texas Roadhouse: this place isn't unique to Utah, but we love it so much that we usually make a trip while we are here- and this time we took my family. And my parents were kind enough to give us gift certificates so that we can enjoy it here in the bay area! This is a special place for us because we talked about how much we liked it on our first date and eventually went there later on. They have the best rolls with cinnamon honey butter, their ribs are fall off the bone so tender (with yummy sauce) and the loaded sweet potato are just amazing.
- Ruby River Steakhouse: William's parents introduced us to this new find this vacation. They have AMAZING bread and they give you FRY SAUCE (ketsup and mayo) with your cheese fries. I don't know why fry sauce hasn't caught on anywhere else besides Utah but it is a great combo.

There are several other gem eateries in Utah that we didn't frequent this trip, but I thought that this was a pretty good list for two weeks. Can you tell what one of our favorite things to do it :-)

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Danika said...

There's an amazing restaurant just over the pike called Masa that you have, have, HAVE to try next time you visit. They have blue corn bread (so soft it was practically cake) and onion rings made from fat cuts of red onions with, you guessed it! FRY SAUCE!!! I just about peed my pants when they brought it out. Hot tip: they're participants in Boston's Restaurant Week (that's how I found them).