Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old Town Sacramento

Old Town Sacramento is so charming. The buildings are still in the style of the Old West.
The streets are cobblestone and they even have horse drawn buggy rides.
And a statue of a pony express rider
They really decorated it for Christmas time- with great lights and trees
I love the colored lights on this tree
They even placed lights on the train- this one is the Polar Express headed for the North Pole.

The old schoolhouse was filled with lots of gingerbread houses. Some made by kids and other's by adults. One even had some kids break dancing out on the lawn.

They have lots of shops, but several common themes. Board games/unique toys and candy shops- we wonder how all of the candy shops stay in business. Our personal favorite though is Candy Heaven. And this really is Candy Heaven because you could have FREE SAMPLES of many of the products in the bins, as long as you eat them in the store. This is seriously so great- it did entice me to buy some of their products.


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