Saturday, December 6, 2008

Visit to San Diego State University

My youngest sister Sarah has been doing a masters program in education at San Diego State University. She was able to take us on a tour of campus, including spending some of her "dining plus-esque money" (meaning her on campus food allowance). I was struck by their library and how much it looked like the HBLL at BYU. And I should know that building since I spent most of my time there. Sad enough, people used to come and look for me there if they wanted to talk to me. See how they even have an underground glassed area- just like the "pimping it" section of the periodicals. Everyone knew that was the place where you went to "work it"- and not in terms of books.
But the thing that I couldn't believe was the name of their library- literally its the LOVE library.
The BYU library wasn't formally named that, but I'm sure several marriages have emerged from there so its probably "informally" named that.

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