Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

I've been to several events the past few days that have helped me to get into the Christmas Spirit. On Tuesday evening, some friends hosted a jewelry and vinyl lettering party. I loved this tree that was used in a clever way to display earrings.
I bought these two cute, festive pieces to give as gifts. But I am enjoying them in my little studio until that time
Then today at mothers group, we did this cute project where we made gift tags. One side is fabric and the other is cardstock, we sewed them together (well, at least I finally did when I put the machine FOOT down) on it. Then, a little pinking shears to the edges and- adorable. Quick and easy (when you remember how to work the machine :-)
And then, my sweet friends were even "sweeter" and gave me so delicious Christmas treats- caramel popcorn, caramels, chocolate dipped pretzels, toffee bark, and jam cookies. And they are even packaged so cute.
Thanks to mother's group for helping to instill me with the Christmas spirit!


Bekky said...

I'm making one of those glass blocks with letters too!! I like yours it's cute.

Brekke said...

One question: How does a mother's group get anything that cute done?

You must be sans-children.