Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Around the Olympic Green

On the Olympic plaza, they had several areas of elaborate decorations like this celebrating Chinese New Year

They also had the Olympic Torch stand- I wish there was still a flame going to have warmed the area up

I love this building- it is so creative, but I have no idea what it is for. It was just on the edge of the complex.

I became very familiar with the olympic complex because I knew there was a subway station somewhere near there, but there are zero signs indicating where it is and I cannot find anyone that speaks enough English to direct me there. I walked around for probably 40 minutes when I decided that the station must be someplace a little ways off from the plaza (not right on it) and so I lucked out and walked down an area that was very touristy (with lots of vendors) and managed to find the blessed subway station sign and was able to get myself back to my hotel- frozen, but alive.

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mj said...

yah, and p.s. that whole not-having-the-subway-station-right-by-the-olympic-green-thing was also very confusing when you were trying to get to an olympic event! we were even following MASSIVE crowds and it was confusing. glad you made it out alive. :)