Sunday, March 1, 2009

Get Ready U2 Fans . . .

THEY'RE BACK!!! After a few year lapse since their last album, "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb", on Tuesday, March 3rd, their new album "No Line on the Horizon" is available for purchase in the U.S. They have an article about the new album in the New York Times, along with some audio excerpts from interviews with Bono, Edge, and Larry.

Also, ALL this week- every weeknight, they will be performing on David Letterman. This is the 1st time that a band has ever performed for a whole week on the show. I am SO EXCITED that they are back as they just keep getting even better 30 years later.

Now all I need is to see when and where they will be performing on their tour- they still haven't announced the dates but I will FOR SURE be there- I have been to Pop Mart, Elevation, and Vertigo and they are THE BEST concerts I have EVER been to. This band just keeps getting better and better and I'm looking forward to listening to their new work


Ira and Claudia said...

Yo Amo a U2!!! It's nice to see that you are a hard core U2 fan. The Last U2 concert I went to was in 2001, I need to go to the next one. You're right, it's amazing how they keep getting better. I remember during the concert I went to, there was a girl who somehow made her way to the stage and danced with Bono. Cheryl, that's one of my ultimate dreams in life!!! If I go I need to workout beforehand to fight the guards so I can dance with Bono. I call him Bonisimo!!!

Julia said...

saweeeeeeeeet!!! PS, loving your china posts. so fun.