Friday, March 27, 2009

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

Several years ago, when I lived in Boston, I went to their annual flower and garden show. I was BLOWN away by just how incredible it was. There were the most elaborate installations as well as beautiful flower arrangements. My friend Cathy and I literally spent hours walking around. I found out that this was the first U.S. flower and garden show to be established and that 2008 was their last year. I also found out that it was supposed to be the last year for the SF flower and garden show, but that they had such a great response that it will be back next year. However, I'm not sure that I will be back for it. It was ok- just not nearly as good as the Boston one. It had a much smaller number of installations and I liked the Boston ones better because they tended to have more flowers while the SF ones tended to have more shrubbery and rocks. There were some neat things though- like this quaint little garden and rock wall

The "green" house- it literally had different types of sod on top of the house and along the walls- I have no idea how they were able to make it stay like that on the walls.

I thought that the spaces made out of old shipping containers were msot ingenious- and I want the puzzle piece storage containers

And I definitely want a waterfall in my backyard someday . . . but I'm more than happy to not have the responsibility of maintaining it right now.

They had a whole sections on Bonzai trees but this was hands down my favorite with the beautiful lavender flowers

The rest of the show was composed of vendors. They had a separate building of flower and live plants with the largest number of orchids that I've seen in one place. They also had another area with what I like to call "specialty" vendors. They were selling things like super absorbent towels to wipe up water messes, pruning shears that would cut through anything, pellets made out contact lens type material that would absorb water and slowly release it so you would only have water your plants every 2 months, "natural" looking fake grass- basically, it was a section full of live infomercials about products to help with gardening.

All in all, I was disappointed with the show but I am just happy that I went after 3 pm to get the half day discount because it was worth the $13 fee, but not any more than that.

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