Monday, March 2, 2009

Summer Palace

The final stop on our day tour of China was the Summer Palace. All I heard was about Empress Cixi- who was greatly disliked by Jacky. He openly criticized her for all of the mean and demanding things that she did like taking the throne from kids and nephews as well as spending the money of the country on elaborate palaces like this. She had this palace rebuilt twice. I'm sure that the palace and surrounding gardens would definitely be more spectacular during the summer months, but it was still beautiful. They had these beautiful gray tiles.

This was the personal theater of the Empress

This is 17 arch bridge named because of its 17 arches :-) Onto a little island.

Normally, these boats shuttle people around the lake, but since the lake is partially frozen- not an option for us.

The Empress had this giant boat made to look like marble- but it is actually painted wood. She spent the money that was meant to modernize the Imperial Navy. They got this instead.

This is the Long Corridor that is decorated with over 14,000 scenic paintings

Some more intricate paintings along a bridge

This was the most impressive sight at the palace was the Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha on top of Longevity Hill.

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mj said...

beautiful! this is one place i wished we would have had time for while in beijing, but we never made it. i'm SO glad you got to go and experience all of this!! i need to talk to you!