Sunday, March 1, 2009

Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is one massive complex that once housed 24 emperors over a 500 year period- and women were not allowed to visit. Tour guide Jacky Li kept emphasizing just how lucky I was to be here. The number 9 means perfect and complete and so the city has 999,999 rooms. Most of the buildings are named with something to do regarding "harmony"

The ONLY time that you find 10 figurines guarding the buildings is here- 10 is the supreme number reserved just for the emperor

So many elaborate and intricate detailing on the buildings, particularly of dragons- the ones here having 5 claws to represent the emperor.

The complex is massive, with rows and rows of buildings

I love all of the different levels of tiled rooftops

The middle steps with all of the elaborate carvings is still reserved only for the emperor to walk along

The city also had a few "garden" areas primarily with some rocks and trees. I thought that this rock formation was really unique

These were the romance trees- ones that are "kissing" and intertwined with each other.

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