Wednesday, March 4, 2009


If you haven't been watching U2 on David Letterman this week, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! You still have three more days of performances though. They are "Magnificent" just like the song they sang tonight- the staging was great for being on a talk show! Flashing lights and crazy colors- and the band was definitely on their A game. I wish that I could be in NYC to see Where the Street Does have a Name called "U2 Way"- Mayor Bloomberg officially changed the name of the street .

And I LOVE that U2 "Got their SNOW Boots" on to help shovel out the city of NYC. I will definitely hire these guys ANYTIME.

So, today didn't quite go as planned for me. I had wanted to get out and buy the new album (yes, an ACTUAL copy because I love to have all the photos etc included on the cover) AND the album on ITunes is $17!!! (Its only like $10 at Walmart and other stores like that). However, I had a TWO HOUR phone conversation with my adviser about my dissertation (and that's the only about 3 of 7 chapters). Sigh. But supposedly, I'm still on track to defend on March 31st- let's just say its going to be a VERY BUSY week and a half. Anyways, I chose to spend the evening with husband instead of rushing out and getting the album, but don't worry, being the TRUE U2 fan that I am, I have already listened to the whole thing (all 12 tracks). They have the WHOLE album that you can listen to online for FREE at their website- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. Brilliant. They are still the BEST band in the universe. At the moment, my favorites are "Magnificent" given just how well they performed it on Letterman and "Get on Your Boots." I enjoyed the other ones as well and I'm sure will be connecting with them on deeper levels as I further listen to them.

And I am SO happy that I still have THREE more nights of performances to look forward to as well!!! Now I'm just awaiting the tour dates . . . .

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Danika said...

Hang in there with your dissertation girl! I remember when my mom was working on hers and she was a little crazy. You're really so close to being done! Put the hammer down and please the powers that be and then enjoy being called Dr the rest of your life.