Monday, March 30, 2009


This post is especially for my old roommate and avid panda lover Lyanna. It was primarily due to her that I made the effort to see China's national treasure at the Beijing Zoo. They treat the pandas with the utmost care. They have these super nice, humane habitats where the pandas can lounge, play, and eat bamboo to their hearts content. I have never seen so many pandas in one place before. Look how ADORABLE they are!!

However, they are not very cute when they are first born- look at them, they look like little rats.

But then they grow up to be very adorable.

One of them was very active, playing with the tire swing and he even went sledding several times down the little hill in his cage.

Others were wrestling with each other in the larger pen

I was so happy that I was able to see these amazing creatures actually IN China!! And you HAVE to go there one day Ly- you would absolutely love it!!!

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Ly + Alan said...

CHER!!!!!! That is so awesome that you saw those pandas. They are so cute! =) And you are seriously the best roommate ever to take pics of pands in china for me!