Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens in 3D

William and I went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens this morning in 3D. We went with not high expectations and were roughly satisfied with the film. The 3D was great- and there was several funny moments. It was ok- no the best but it was enjoyable. And I still couldn't get over Hugh Laurie's voice as the cockroach professor- I NEVER would have guessed it was him but I saw him promoting the film on Letterman. If you do see the film in the theater, make sure to stay until after the first set of credits- there's an additional little section. I thought that the names B.O.B. and Ginormica were quite clever. Its been quite awhile since we have been to a Saturday morning movie- mainly because there hasn't been anything we have wanted to see. But, it seems that we will be going more towards the summer since some interesting ones like "Up." 3D is the latest trend with animated movies and we are very approving of it- it does enhance the overall experience.

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F C Breder said...

I want so much to see this movie!
But, unfortunetaly, I live in Brazil and "children movies" are always dubbed in Portuguese, so no Hugh Laurie and Reese Whiterspoon for me :/

Ps: Found you on Google Images, and really liked your blog :)