Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sarah in San Francisco

A few weeks ago, my sister Sarah came up here for the weekend from San Diego. We went to Celine on Friday night (post coming soon) and since it was William's birthday as well, we took him to InNOut since it was the only place open that late. We then went to Google land where when we drove up to it, Sarah proclaims "This is is???" To which we laughed- she did change her mind when she saw the INSIDES of the buildings. They did exceed her expectations. William gleefully showed Sarah all of the features of the massage chair- she was quite afraid of it by the end because it traps her legs. But overall good times were had by all :-)

She also enjoyed riding the bikes.

William left on Saturday morning for India and so we later went down to San Francisco to see the sights. Sarah has been to SF several times but I was able to show her some of the new sights. We ate at Boudin and had our sourdough bread bowls with chowder, saw the sea lions on Pier 39, and had a sundae at Ghiradelli. She also got to experience the street performers at the wharf- the puppies sucked her in (they were cute though).

Next, it was off to Union Sqaure where we hit H&M before seeing the ballroom show "Burn the Floor." It was an incredible show- they had a few classical ballroom pieces, like the Vienese Waltz, but most of it was Latin and some other modern twists on the dances. They did a number to one of the songs from "Dance with Me" (that horrible movie with Cheyenne and Vanessa Williams) but had an AMAZING soundtrack that we used to play really loudly and dance around the 2nd floor of our freshman dorm. Oh how music can bring back memories! They were in incredible shape- they danced their hearts out full two hours with only a short intermission. Even during the encore their technique was just as on par as their introductory number.

Sarah was even able to get some Mario Kart Wii time in- Mario Kart on Super Nintendo was one of are all time favorites and it was great to see that Sarah still had her skills all these years later.

Thanks for a fabulous weekend sister!!!

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Mary said...

Oh my goodness! I never made the connection that you and Sarah were sisters! She and Chase and I were all in the same ward at BYU. It sounds like you guys had a fun time together!